Press and TV – All problem to discuss and justify between we and us

Time has come when an internal number of the media is required. Many, not just competent people but ordinary people, have begun to say that the media has become irresponsible and out of place, and needs to be joined.

Today, Freedom of the Press is part of the freedom of expression guaranteed under terns of Law. However, no freedom can be limited, and reasonable restrictions can be placed on it. One of the basic tasks of the media is to provide honest and objective information to the people so that they can provide reasonable opinions, which is not in a democracy.

However, Newspapers distaste the reader also always makes people enjoy or impress. Because Newspapers also have the ability to bookmark a sneaky photo of the nearly fat nude celebrities on the platform to create an inspirational speech. They will create many information to people lives can’t without news . And we can also read the full details of inspirational as the Successful rescue. Absolutely, They have  two different categories of newspapers: business journalism in the sense of meaninglessness and quality journalism with important information also special l events and comments on issues. Important from that point to related with others respect.

Absolutely,  that’s  right with this:  everybody is some degree! The problem is that it has between the contents and news of the TV/ Press, making it becomes difficult more on simply working embrace an area and argument another. What is reality with press/ TV also media digital especially online media: We mixed contents  and then separated into accept and unacceptable, regardless of condition we choose. Americans have many laws related with press/ TV, media…, which expressly and explicitly prohibits Congress from restricting freedom right of the press/ TV also us – the readers. This laws help to extend protection First amendment to all of useful content on multiple media, to protect powerful pornographic content such as sunset shots and kittens or paintings. We comment on unlimited rights to own a powerful gun and huge ammunition Like the gentle plea of compassion and human respect for the people on of the world.

The examples of these freedoms is similar together, it related with the same procedures, criteria, permissions , so on. All of them are necessary in a Democratic society, for the benefit of people right, nation, safety of people, so on,  to protect the health and morals, to safeguard  by the right people. Other, to prevent the jurisdiction and justice to others problems.

The big problem of the Press and TV among what is expected of society, the readers and the governments with action  programs. That have an unacceptable record of thinking about people who is not repression or repression is agree with arguments. And now the press and TV are allowed  researchers to explore the media of suppressed media and affect bad to freedom of the press from many examples with an aspects whole of the worlds.

Freedom of the press or freedom of the press is freedom of communication and expression through various means, such as electronic media and published materials. Wherever that freedom exists largely implies the absence of interference from a state of overreaching; Its conservation can be sought through other constitutional or legal protections.

For government information, any government can distinguish which material is public or protected from public disclosure. State documents are protected for two reasons: classification of sensitive information, classification or confidentiality or the relevance of information to protect national interests. Many governments also have to obey the sun law or the information freedom law used to determine the scope of national interests.

By side that, all problem social on television affecting this environment what is important and related with people. Moreover, it’s affect significant to aspects also bring fears, nightmares to people whole of the world.Anyway, there is a great deal of debate about the impact of those effects, how serious the impact is important.

The press and TV, nowsaday it have important roles on our life, but sometime information from press,  TV, media online,…  is wrong or you are not crazy about with them, what should you do? If you don’t want to discuss and present all of your idea, maybe it’s wrong or not true information.

That’s all of reason Fuerundwider concern and create a big community where you can join and free present your opinion. With us free about press and TV are right humans. In that all our problem will improve more from opinions, solve ways, which is the most people concern, etc.

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