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Discuss –  Plan  – And Justify with Press and TV subject

You want a place to freely express your views on press and TV issues in a certain hot area or country, etc. You want to present a problem in which the style of a debate, … so Fuerundwider is a website what is suited for you.

The Fuerundwider was found to create a common home for people with similar interests to discuss, debate, and articulate verbal arguments.

We create a work form:  Create a platform for discussion on the net – whether public or private. A forum for joint planning and decision-making. An ever-growing debate archive to social.

A platform for discussions on the web – whether public or protected. We are a forum for joint planning and decision-making. An (under construction) debate archive. Debate profit works with the methods of debating visualization. As with mind mapping, themes and subtopics are presented as graphical elements. In addition, the individual elements are interrelated. A “position” refers to a “topic”. All topic focus on and rotate around some problem as Grips instead of plaster, ancillary rights, volcanic ash, growth acceleration, what is from Press and TV.

So Fuerundwider, we want to create a large space for the world who are not afraid to express their views to better the society through information from the press and television that the members join with them. I feel it positive or negative to human life and ecology.

By side that, we want to help those who are afraid of the crowd, the passive become more dynamic, more confident in life.

We also want to be the place to discover, train, nurture the eloquent or potential debaters of the world.

Join us, we will help you develop and confident more than before with the positive communicate.

Moreover, we always give all press and TV news and updates daily. Also ready to cooperate with any organization related to press, TV and communicate, forum.